Therefore, in order for the former curatela to be granted, it must be in one of the possibilities that we have written above, regardless of its age. Curatela only understands situations of inheritance or negotiations. In this case, however, the appointed trustee does not own the property. Privacy, sexuality, marriage, health, voting and so many other decisions must remain with the curapodium. In these cases, the elderly need a curator who carries out for them the actions of civil life with loyalty and dedication. Therefore, the appropriate legal procedure will be necessary for the prohibition of this elderly person. It should be noted that under the legal modality, the judge decides who would be best able to take charge of guardianship and become the guardian of the minor. This is a court case to protect older persons who cannot take care of themselves and perform acts of civilian life on their own, because they are in a vulnerable situation. It defines a healer who will represent the forbidden in all these actions. Good night! My mother has Parkinson`s disease for a long time with my brother, suffered financial abuse, psychological aggression, neglect with medical treatment, personal hygiene regimen and others. About a year ago, I asked the age status agencies for help, and I got nothing. A week ago, she asked me to come to my house.

She arrived very weak, hungry, with difficulty walking, confused, with an unpleasant smell and blood sugar and very high blood pressure. Since then, I have been taking care of them. One night, she doesn`t know me. The problem is my brother, she forgets the things he did and wants me to take her home. He is a very difficult person, aggressive, addicted, makes illegal transactions, does not know how to behave. You could advise me. Thank you very much. The Registration Service of the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) can be useful for those who need to take legal action against the guardianship of the elderly, since, among other things, the list: The curator carries out the actions necessary for the civil life of the elderly, such as the purchase and sale of real estate and bank movements, and must report all activities performed. Dear Edson, thank you very much for the contact.

Curatelados, considered legally incapable, are generally prohibited from borrowing unless a court order. This information is usually contained in the term curatela. We recommend that you speak to your lawyer or the public defender`s office. The curatela, on the other hand, is responsible for someone who is responsible for an adult or an elderly person who is unable to exercise his or her will. Curatorship must also be granted by a judge and the one who receives curatorship is called a healer. Guardianship, which is declared by a judge, serves to ensure that a child or adolescent has someone to protect him or her in civil society if necessary. The one who receives guardianship is called guardian. Curatela gives someone the management of the property and legal representation of a person, even an adult, who is considered temporarily or permanently incapable. This is the main difference between guardianship and curatela. This institute is established by law or will and is affected in the event of the death of the parents or loss of family strength. Thus, the guardian is appointed to protect the child or adolescent and avoid psychological trauma. On the figure of the pastor of the elderly: When is it recommended or required by law? Legal: If the parents do not leave the appointment of a guardian in the will, the court transfers guardianship to one of the next of kin.

Preference is given to ascendants (e.g. grandparents), but if this is not possible, guardianship may be given to collateral relatives who go from the nearest to the most distant. After the prohibition measure, older prohibitions are cited personally for the interview and may present their defence depending on the situation. If the incapacity is certified, the syndic is appointed, who must act within the limits imposed by the judge. In the absence of the persons mentioned, it is up to the judge to choose the syndic, including the representative of the institution in which the elderly are housed. If these persons do not exist or do not promote or are not able to promote the prohibition measure, the Public Prosecutor`s Office may promote such a measure (reference to other potential administrators). My sister took my sister to her hometown, where she stayed with her for three months and got her guardianship. I am good for their home in 2016 to renovate my house that was given to me.

I spent my money painting their house and doing the tank area and the padded ceiling of the kitchen. My problem with her is not and financial, because she uses the money for my mother`s care and helps with half of my mother`s salary to pay the daughter who helps me run the house and with her, but I take care of the night and during the weekend. This sister only comes once a year and wants to run away like with my mother. The other lives in another state and comes twice a year and helps with half of the assistant`s salary. But I am already 70 years old with health problems, but I do not take more interference from this guardian because she has heart palpitations at all, but does not want to come to take care of herself and tbem does not give any financial help. The decision to become a guardian was made without the family`s knowledge, she has just made a medical certificate and says that she has assumed the role of guardianship. What can I do so that you don`t bother me because she says I have to take care of myself because I live in my mother`s house and I don`t pay rent. Despite the similarities in commitments, the guardian and curator aim to care for people who are at different stages of life.