In any case, we want you to know that this is a good time to get involved in this sector. Consumers are becoming more confident when it comes to buying online. In addition, the problem of the pandemic has led to an increase in sales in this way. Each online store must store a series of personal data of customers in order to achieve its purpose. All data is important, but some is considered special or sensitive. Thus, to open an online store, you must consider the following obligations and best practices to comply with this regulation: The next step in this guide to formalizing your online business in the United States is to choose the structure of the company. To complete the registration, you need to know what type of company it is, as it determines the requirements to be met and the tax responsibilities. According to the LOPD (Organic Law of Privacy), if you use files containing users` private data on your website, blog or virtual store, you must follow two important steps: In the United States, you have several options to choose from, but when it comes to online stores, the most common are as follows: Running an ecommerce store requires training and support. The cost of initial training can range from €۲۵۰ to €۱,۲۰۰, depending on the maturity of your e-commerce platform. By complying with these requirements, you comply with the laws and your business will be completely safe for users.

When you create your online store, you need to consider these legal requirements to open an online store. Opening an online store is one of the most common ideas, but it`s something that doesn`t happen in a month, even if you`re wearing Superman`s cape. You need to be clear about the product you`re going to sell, but also conduct market research, find a working business model, take charge of the accounts you leave and prepare all the logistics. 💪 Finally, one of the legal requirements for the creation of an online store in Spain is compliance with tax obligations, such as registration in the relevant IAE section. Among the requirements that an online store must fulfill in terms of general law for the defense of consumers and users, we can mention: I wanted to know what are the requirements for a company that is in Chile and wants to sell the growth of the online website, etc. Do you know what are the most important legal requirements for an online store? It is a growing sector, online sales, many traditional companies decided to launch their products for sale on the Internet and often did not know what legal aspects to take into account. It is true that when we talk about a digital medium such as an e-commerce, it is necessary to know the technical requirements that this may imply, but we should not launch an online store without making sure that we comply with the legislation of Spain or the country where the sale of our products is concentrated. Thank you Joel for contacting us. Unfortunately, what you are asking of us is beyond our competence. Informa D&B is a company dedicated to providing commercial, financial, industrial and marketing information to companies in Spain.

Basically, the legal requirements for online stores are no different from those required for physical commerce. Online stores, like their local competitors, must comply with the following: Among the legal requirements for an online store in Spain 2021, established by the LSSI-CE, is the obligation to inform about the service provider. Specifically, the data that must be provided are: As you have seen, many legal requirements must be displayed on the page. Therefore, in these cases, it is ideal to include in the footer a section called “legal conditions” that contains all this information. Thanks to Kardamomo, there are few articles that talk about it, but it is very important to start an online business. We are glad that you have landed on this blog. We`re here for everything you need. Best wishes!!! Having a business on the Internet is the dream of many people±. However, being your own boss also©comes with greater responsibilities, especially in the legal field. Any operator of an Internet business must be able to guarantee that their business and offer are sufficiently secure and that their website meets all legal requirements. Many entrepreneurs are unaware that legal certainty (under which their products and services are offered) includes aspects that go beyond choosing the legal form that the company will have. We invite you to learn how to formalize your online business in the United States.

Have you opened an online store and want everything to be legal? The requirements are the same as for a physical company, although it also has its peculiarities. In Hispanic Entrepreneurs, we tell you what to do. Thank you Malimarialicia!! You have the reason, if these details are not taken into account, an online business can be wasted. We read in the following articles. We are here for everything you need! ð I have a question: a 15-year-old can create an online store or pay someone for it. But my question is: IS IT LEGAL FOR THIS 15-YEAR-OLD TO GET BENEFITS FROM THE ONLINE STORE? Another advantage it offers is that you can save on expenses that are common in physical businesses such as commercial or warehouse leasing. This does not mean that you do not have legal and tax obligations to fulfill. When setting up a virtual business, it`s also important to consider the rights that help consumers. Among them, we can mention: Another of the most commonly used modalities in online business is dropshipping.

In this modality, he does not exercise himself directly as a seller, but as an intermediary. Whether the product passes through our hands or not, it is necessary to register under the heading Retail Sales under the appropriate heading (see previous paragraph). – Register the files of your online store with the AEPD (Spanish agency ±Data Protection Wave). You can do it in person at C / Jorge Juan, 6Â ۲۸۰۰۱-Madrid or telematically here. This is a document that specifies the type of website and the purpose for which you use users` personal data stored in your databases. In addition to these ±, there are other legal requirements that apply in particular to online sales: However, if you do not want to complicate yourself, you can delegate this management to our team of specialists who will help you make your online store the envy of all the stairs. Just click on the button below and they will answer you. The public administration awaits you with open arms and with some bureaucratic procedures. Are all these procedures very difficult? In this article, we will explain all the requirements you need to meet and what you need to do to set up your ecommerce without worrying that a mistake could result in a fine. Ready to abolish bureaucracy? Do it. The inclusion of a section explaining the return policy is an obligation for any online store, not only on the website, but also©in the order confirmation sent to the customer.

This section is necessary because, in most cases, the dispute is the result of a return policy that is not sufficiently clear or incomplete. Therefore, it pays off in the long run to spend the necessary time on this section. Each online store processes user data and cookies are placed in your browser to keep track.