Since July 15, 2014, the mention “homemade” is mandatory for all©catering establishments. ©Decree 2015-505 of 6 May 2015 simplified© this system. The term refers to raw products that©are processed on site. ©By way of derogation, dishes may be sold in mobile facilities (e.g. food trucks) outside the© points©© of sale. The “homemade” logo or label must be placed in front of each of the dishes concerned (if all the dishes are homemade, the restaurateur may place the logo or mention in© only one place on the© menu). Fast food employers must post the NYC FAST FOOD WORKERS` RIGHTS notice, where employees can easily see it at any New York City workplace. Note: Employers must also post the notice in a language that is the primary language of at least 5% of employees in the workplace, if available below. Download a copy (updated June 2021) in: To open a food truck, you will need a public domain occupation permit in addition to a license (if you want to sell alcoholic beverages). Arguments in a restaurant can be numerous. Waiting time, cork duty, entry conditions, Bd.

Update of customer rights. The waiter will ask you most of the time what drink you want to drink. If you only want to drink water, you have the right to refuse mineral water and ask for a pitcher of water. This must be provided free of charge. The Waste Protection Act stipulates that from 1 January 2022, publicly accessible facilities must provide a well. The waiting time in a restaurant can sometimes seem very long to customers. However, the law does not provide for a text on a maximum waiting time before serving, both in fast football and in a classic restaurant. In the case of a particularly long waiting period, a restaurant owner can in practice offer a drink or a discount on the amount of the bill. However, this is only an optional commercial gesture and not a legal obligation provided for by the Consumer Code.

Summary Legal waiting time in the restaurant Restaurant forbidden to children and dogs Price regulation in the restaurant Mandatory supplement in the restaurant Rejection of restaurant vouchers by a restaurant Rejection of a. DCWP accepts complaints against employers for violating the rights of fast food workers. File a complaint in the workplace. The invoice is mandatory in a restaurant. It is given at the end of the meal (or at the same time as dessert or coffee, for example). It must include miscellaneous mandatory information, namely the total price to be paid, the date of the day and the address of the establishment but also and especially the details of the prices of each service provided. Do not hesitate to ask for a description of the calculation made to calculate the amount of the bill, some merchants are content to simply provide you with the amount of the bill. DCWP enforces New York`s Fair Work Week Act, which protects fast food workers. According to the law, fast food employers in New York: Note: Just Cause Protection went into effect on July 4, 2021, and workers can immediately enforce their rights in court through a private right of action.

The DCWP will begin implementing the Just Reason Act on September 2, 2021. Starting in January 2022, employees will also be able to request that their claims be resolved through binding arbitration through an arbitration tribunal administered by DCWP. In order to reach a solution through binding arbitration, an employee must file a request for arbitration with the fast food employer. Download the Request for Arbitration form. Since 1 October 2012, all fast food restaurants must employ at least one person with training in food hygiene (14 hours of training in an approved©© body or proof of three years of professional experience©in the food sector as an executive or©holder of a© level V diploma mentioned in the judgment© of 25 November 2011). Fast food and takeaway are highly regulated industries that require compliance with numerous regulations to open and operate a facility. Let`s discover together all the essential regulations to follow to open a fast food restaurant. Starting today and for the duration of the pandemic or pending a new advisory, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will allow owners and operators of commercial aircraft to submit CBP Form 7507 by email at ports of entry across the country. The display of prices is mandatory inside and outside the facilities. The prerequisite for obtaining a licence is the completion of specific training leading to the granting of an operating licence. The training, lasting at least three days, aims to train you in the fight against alcoholism, the protection of minors, the fight against public drunkenness, drug legislation, the resale of tobacco, the fight against night riots, as well as the general principles of civil and criminal liability.

Finally, it is necessary to file a written administrative declaration with the town hall of your municipality at least 15 days before the opening of your fast food. The foregoing is provided for informational purposes only. They are not necessarily exhaustive and cannot replace official texts. CBP is providing commercial airlines with this flexibility to promote social distancing and minimize exposure of airlines and CBP personnel to COVID-19. Air carriers can file CBP Form 7507 for inbound and outbound commercial aircraft for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic by email. This information, necessary for the processing of your request, is intended for Juritravail and WENGO SAS. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to request information by e-mail to In the event of a serious anomaly, including food poisoning, contact the competent departmental directorate immediately1. This service verifies compliance by catering establishments. Read the Fair Work Week in Fast Food Act: Frequently Asked Questions Note: DCWP is in the process of updating the FAQ to reflect the June 2022 rules.