All organizations eligible to purchase New South Wales Government contracts can purchase legal services from the panel. Redlich`s history of providing legal solutions to the New South Wales Government ensures that we understand the financial, ethical, legislative and policy environment in which departments and agencies operate. Many of our lawyers also have experience in government departments and agencies in previous roles or secondments, giving them practical insight into the challenges and opportunities facing government. Information on the competition, consumer and tax panels is available on websites managed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( and the Australian Taxation Office ( Internetrix was selected in July 2016 by the Department of the Premier and the South Australian Cabinet to join the eProjects Portal Panel (ePP), an online body set up by the South African (State) Government to enable government agencies to source project-based ICT and cybersecurity services from pre-qualified suppliers. Internetrix is ratified for the following panels: The panel is composed of a mix of small, medium and large companies. There are reporting requirements for agencies that use non-panel companies. Further details and examples can be found in the list of subgroups and areas of law PDF, 171.87 KB. Each agency should appoint an agency contract manager, who is the person who normally manages the procurement of legal services. The agency`s contract manager is responsible for ensuring that reasonable arrangements are made to engage panel companies.

We would welcome further guidance on how to classify issues for panel purposes in terms of size and complexity for commercial and real estate transactions. For example, there may be a large real estate development project that involves a number of common real estate transactions, for example standard leases as part of the project. In such a case, please indicate whether the entire project (including its routine aspects) is expected to fall under the “Complex Real Estate Transactions” sub-box or whether it is possible that the current parts of a larger project will fall under the “Current/Standard Real Property Transactions” sub-panel. We believe a flexible approach can help the New South Wales Government maximise cost savings. We understand that this must be done on a case-by-case basis. In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards the formation of inter-agency approved supplier bodies at both the state and local levels for a range of goods and services. These panels aim to reduce duplication of effort in procurement procedures for agencies and service providers, while taking advantage of the increased purchasing power of agency groups to achieve more competitive prices. The NSW Government Legal Services Panel provides a range of legal services and expertise to meet the external legal needs of New South Wales government agencies (and other bodies authorised to purchase from New South Wales public procurement markets).

The XLSX contact detail list, 1247.16 KB contains the contact details of each panel company`s cluster relationship partner. The Committee Rules and the Off-Committee Engagement Policy set out exceptions to hiring designated companies and explain what work is outside the scope of the committee. In the Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies or Designated Companies, you will find information on how the panel documents relate to each other. One of the defining features of the LGP panel is that law firms in the panel must commit to offering preferential rates to all local government agencies in NSW for all new business opened after the start of 1 February 2021, unless there is an existing contractual relationship. This should mean that smaller regional and rural councils are able to obtain legal services at more competitive prices. Organizations should contact a law firm designated for the relevant area of law for legal services to obtain an estimate. Alternative price agreements may be requested and are the subject of an agreement between the Office and the firm of experts. The Panel Rules PDF, 608.69 KB (PDF,119KB) govern whether competitive offers must be obtained. The process is covered in sections 6 to 8 of the PDF certificate, 1035.76 KB. (PDF,1.01MB) The Corporation will provide a cost estimate or project overview upon request. Instructions should be given using the DOCX Legal Services Order Form, 38.8 KB.

(DOCX,36.2 KB) After the insurance coverage expires, an updated currency certificate must be presented to the panel leader prior to the next invoice. The Panel Rules explain how legal services may be procured by the Panel, including covered legal services, thresholds for obtaining estimates (competitive prices), and the inclusion of entities outside the Panel agreements. You will also find here additional explanations of pro bono provisions in government tenders, including a comparison of arrangements introduced by the governments of the Commonwealth, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. Since its inception, local government authorities have been able to designate the state government`s legal panel as one of the panel`s “other eligible bodies.” A number of councils – particularly in metropolitan areas – have done so – although some have done so alongside maintaining their own panels more focused on local government. The panel manager shall develop provisions for panel users to provide feedback on the performance of panel companies. It is expected that this will be available online in the near future. The agencies are responsible for managing the transfer of existing cases to the Commission. The contract manager of each agency will take care of this. The Service Level Agreement PDF, 175.45 KB (Appendix C of the certificate) defines roles and responsibilities for panel management. See section 4 of the SLA. We are appointed to the New South Wales Council Corps and advise many other Councillors outside the Agency, enhancing our knowledge and ability to advise New South Wales government departments and agencies. Section 2.1(j) of the Service Level Agreement (in Appendix C of the Panel Certificate) also states that service providers (as a minimum service standard) must strive to meet the target of 35 hours of pro bono work per lawyer per year.