In the event that the jury found that Jackson`s negligence accounted for 49% of the accident and Melanie`s negligence 51%, the jury would be prohibited by law from awarding Melanie compensation for damages. New Hampshire does not require you to have additional insurance coverage, such as personal liability or collision insurance. However, if you own a lot of property or have assets, it is advisable to have more than the minimum coverage to protect yourself from significant financial loss in the event of an accident. New Hampshire has a three-year (3) statute of limitations for personal injury claims. If the victim does not make his claim within three (3) years of an accident, he is prohibited from suing the negligent driver in court. In New Hampshire, victims of car accidents can sue the negligent driver in small claims court. A court`s jurisdiction over small claims relating to bodily injury and property damage is limited to a maximum of $10,000, excluding filing and court costs. This is a general summary of the tax laws that apply to personal injury settlements, but it is important that you conduct your case on the desk of an experienced tax advisor to ensure that you are acting in accordance with the law for tax purposes. The verdict states that Jackson`s negligence accounted for 70% of the accident and Melanie`s 30% of the accident.

The jury awarded Mélanie only $70,000. In the state of New Hampshire, every driver must be able to prove that they can pay the following amounts for all damages resulting from an accident: There are several relevant laws for whether you are involved in an accident in New Hampshire. First, there is a texting ban for every driver in New Hampshire. The penalty for texting and driving is severe: you can suspend your driver`s license and be fined $1,000 if you cause an accident that causes property damage or injures someone. Otherwise, the fine for texting and driving is $100. Second, all children must sit in a safety seat until the age of seven or until they reach a height of 57 inches, whichever comes first. Third, beginning in 2014, the speed limit on the main north-south highway was increased to 70 miles per hour from mile 45 at the Vermont border. From Manchester to Plymouth to Keene, New Hampshire is full of picturesque streets to explore. Driving through this quaint little state, you can see Weirs Beach, the White Mountains, the Lake District and the Merrimack Valley. There are 1 million licensed drivers in New Hampshire, and they are involved in many minor and serious car accidents every year. Wherever you live or visit Granite State, it is important to have adequate car insurance as there are legal requirements for its use.

It`s also important to be aware of state laws and regulations when driving. This way, you will know what to do if you are involved in a car accident. The DMV noted that part of the reason for the higher number of deaths was the growing opioid epidemic. State police estimate that up to 35 percent of drug-related deaths have been involved by operators. This figure represented up to 60% of deaths in other years. DMV data also showed that fatal accidents involving pedestrians increased in the first six months of 2016. From January 1st to January 26th. In June 2016, there were eight pedestrian deaths, compared to only two at the same time in 2015. One of the most important laws you must comply with in this situation is the statute of limitations. This is essentially a “time limit” for personal injury claims.

If you wait too long after your accident, you should not take legal action and get severance pay. The statute of limitations in New Hampshire for personal injury is three years for those who were adults at the time of their violation. For minors (under 18 years of age), this period is extended until their 20th birthday. DMV said 58 people were killed in 55 car accidents between Jan. 1 and June 26, 2016. In comparison, there were 38 fatalities in 35 crashes during the same period in 2015. Of this year`s 55 fatal accidents, 12 occurred in Rockingham County. Nine were reported in Hillsborough and Grafton counties. Six occurred in Stafford County and five in Merrimack and Cheshire. After their investigation, police determined that Jackson had not yielded in accordance with traffic laws. A pedestrian witness told police he saw Melanie texting when Jackson`s car crashed into Melanie`s car. As a result, police filed a complaint for the use of a mobile device while driving.

New Hampshire is called a state of tort or a “wrongdo” state. This means that you must hold another negligent party liable in order to get a settlement. In “no-fault” states, injured parties receive compensation primarily through their own no-fault insurance, without ever holding anyone legally liable for their injuries. This means that hiring a qualified attorney after a car accident in New Hampshire is very important. It`s important to know your rights and how to navigate New Hampshire`s civil courts if you`ve suffered harm from the negligence of another person or party. Welcome to the section of FindLaw that covers New Hampshire`s accident and injury laws, with a variety of content to help you when needed. Here you`ll find articles on what to do if you`ve been involved in an injured car accident, information on how workers` compensation is regulated in the state, asbestos handling rules, the basics of pain and suffering claims, and more. Click on one of the links below to learn more about New Hampshire`s accident and injury laws. Within 15 days of an accident, any person driving a vehicle involved in an accident, or any person who owns an illegally parked vehicle when involved in an accident, must report the accident to the ministry in writing, including an explanation of the circumstances if a person is injured or killed, or if property damage exceeds $1,000.

unless the accident is being investigated by a police officer.