For more information on the status of ESIA applications, please visit NEMA`s website in To report incidents of environmental degradation, please send to For the submission of ESIAs, licences and related matters, please contact The Kenya National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) is a national body based in Kenya, Established in 2002 to: Monitor and coordinate environmental activities and serve as the main national body. Implementation of environmental policy in all sectors of the country. In addition to its role as an environmental regulator, NEMA also implements its own projects. NEMA has extensive experience in climate change adaptation and mitigation, leading projects ranging from $10 million to $255 million with local and international organizations. Past and current activities include building resilience to climate change and adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities, environmental management, coastal development, technical assistance and natural resource management. With GCF accreditation, NEMA intends to develop country-specific priority projects in line with the Kenya 2030 vision, national strategies for climate action and green growth, and the Kenyan Climate Change Action Plan. In particular, projects would be developed in forestry, electricity, transport, energy demand, agriculture and industrial processes – six sectors identified as priorities because of their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. GCF accreditation would enable NEMA to drive a paradigm shift towards low-carbon, climate-resilient development pathways in their countries. In accordance with Article 21 of the Environment Regulation (Impact Assessment and Verification), the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has received an Environmental Impact Assessment report for the implementation of the proposed ore processing and tailings storage facility for the project, Lolgorian, Trans mara.

The National Environmental Management Authority invites the public to provide oral or written comments to the Director General of NEMA within thirty (30) days of the date of publication of this notice in order to assist the Authority in its decision on the Plan. PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT ORE PROCESSING AND TAILINGS STORAGE FACILITY PROJECT, LOLGORIAN, TRANS MARA NEMA IS A LEADER IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES; and leads the government on sound environmental management in Uganda. In this way, NEMA contributes to socio-economic development and meaningful use. P.O. Box 22255, Phone: 0414 425 068: 0414 257 52 Toll-free: 0800 144 444 MR / 1209994 National Environmental Management Authority. (b) Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, NHIF Building, Community, P.O. Box 30521, Nairobi. Improving community resilience and water security in the Upper Athi River watershed, Kenya The full report of the proposed project is available during working hours at: The proponent (Kilimapesa Gold {Pty} Ltd) of the proposed project proposes the construction of an ore processing and tailings storage facility at Lolgorian, Trans mara. (a) Managing Director, NEMA, Popo Road, near Mombasa Road, P.O. Box 67839–۰۰۲۰۰, Nairobi. The following are the expected impacts and proposed mitigation measures: .