This curriculum is taught by national leaders in advocacy training and practice and includes courses such as Advanced Advocacy, Technology-enhanced Advocacy, Complex Counselling and Negotiation, and Law Practice Management Advocacy. It is designed to enable participants to become full-fledged lawyers by teaching them how to combine their advocacy skills with sound legal analysis and strategic planning. International students seeking F-1 funding through the Master of Laws program at the University of Pennsylvania`s Carey Law School must maintain full-time student status (4 UC) per semester and meet degree requirements within one academic year. As one of the educational institutions that offer low-cost online programs, Regent University offers opportunities for professionals who want to benefit from legal knowledge without the need for a Juris Doctor. Ranked among the top 15 academic experiences by Princeton Review, 2020, your online Master of Arts in Law program equips students with the skills and knowledge to help them work effectively in a governmental, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, or legal environment. This degree provides them with a clever legal perspective that is an integral part of their work, covering areas such as advanced paralegal studies, alternative dispute resolution, economics, criminal justice, constitutional law and politics, and many others. Learn more about the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program in U.S. Law at Florida Coastal School of Law. Generally, tuition and fees are charged per course/UC billing basis, but if you are a dual degree student, please note that students graduating from elementary school programs outside of law school will be charged in accordance with elementary school policies. Please check with your advisor or registrar for details of your situation. See Financial aid and tuition. Here`s everything you need to know about the Master of Laws in Global Food Law at Michigan State University.

Northeastern University offers a variety of programs that are 100% available in the online learning format. One of them is the Master of Laws (LLM). A certificate applicant who is a university graduate student may claim credit for a relevant law course taken outside of the law faculty of their elementary program. This course must be drawn from their core program, be considered relevant to their law certificate, and be subject to the policies and approvals of their primary academic program and Master of Laws academic advisor. According to university policy, no course can count towards more than 2 proofs of program. Performance-based scholarships for graduate candidates. All eligible applicants will be considered for merit scholarships, although some exceptions apply. Dual degree and faculty and staff at the University of Pennsylvania should contact the ML Program Office. Wake Forest University offers a comprehensive online Master of Law Studies (MSL). This flexible, part-time, uniquely designed graduate program is suitable for professionals who want to enhance their skills and advance their careers. He focuses on the complex legal and regulatory environment with three dedicated professional tracks: Business & Compliance, Health Law & Policy and Human Resources. Wake Forest University is one of the most affordable educational institutions offering a graduate law program in the country.

In terms of LLM, the American Bar Association has listed over 300 LLM programs in the United States. Students often have two options: an LLM in General Law or a Specialized LLM. The first allows customization and allows students to select areas of interest that do not necessarily correspond to a specialized track. The latter deals with a study more concentrated in a particular area of law. This may include constitutional law, human rights or finance. Admission requirements: Get the following for the admission process: resume, personal statement, official transcripts for all bachelor`s and master`s programs, letters of recommendation, TOEFL or IELTS score, and online interview with LLM program staff. FIU Law Path begins with a six-week summer program taught by law schools and law students, in which scholars learn about the fundamental components of the American legal system and the (Socratic) approach to the case method for the study of law. Courses, including legal writing and analysis, help students develop the analytical and critical thinking skills expected of law students. This academic preparation aims to reduce the turnover between the first and second year of law school.

West Virginia University has one of the most affordable master`s programs in the country. Students who wish to deepen their legal knowledge can earn a Master of Laws Studies, which is also available entirely online. Drexel University offers an affordable online graduate program for professionals who want to understand the intricacies of regulatory compliance. The University`s online Master of Legal Studies is designed for students who wish to maximize their career potential and add value to their organization. Michigan State University offers a Master of Laws program with a focus on global food law. This graduate program is 100% online, offering students a flexible and hands-on learning format while juggling their current career and graduate studies. Students learn about food laws and policies and help them make effective decisions that can impact food regulation in all countries. Michigan State University is one of the top 100 research universities in the world. It is also one of the country`s leading land grant universities.

Yes. It is strongly recommended that prospective students review the LLM program information and attend an information session before requesting an appointment. Learn more about the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program at Southern California University. The University of Southern California helps students manage their investment in higher education through various financial aid programs. They have highly selective merit scholarships for outstanding students, including a Master of Laws award. This full tuition fee is awarded to one or more of the most qualified candidates who demonstrate significant academic and professional achievements. In addition to strong legal knowledge, the program also provides essential knowledge in the areas of compliance, legal research and analysis, risk management, ethics, and professional standards. There is an option for a general master`s degree in legal studies or one of eight specialized concentrations, including criminal law, financial compliance, healthcare compliance, etc. The University of Illinois Springfield offers professionals an excellent opportunity to gain a better and more complete understanding of the legal system through the Master of Arts in Legal Studies. This program explores how the legal system works, how it relates to social change, and how it helps people claim their rights. The courses are 100% online, allowing working professionals to continue their education without affecting their current career.

Courses cover legal theory, the role of law in American society, and a broad general understanding of the legal system. In the spring, students participate in experiential learning, including one of the FIU`s many legal clinics and a series of FIU law workshops focused on ethics and professionalism. This aspect of the program engages students in legal skills that also contextualize the ethical principles and rules of professionalism involved in legal practice. The Master of Laws programme and diploma were introduced in 2014. The programme focuses on four areas: oil, gas and energy law; Indigenous peoples` rights; International Economic Law; and health law. Each program is designed for non-lawyers who wish to gain an advantage through an in-depth understanding of legal issues related to their area of interest, whether through global growth and business development, health law, Indigenous peoples` law, or energy-related legal issues. With affordable online graduate programs, Samford University offers lawyers the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and open doors to new areas of practice with its Master of Laws (LL.M.) program. This 31-hour degree is offered entirely online by the Cumberland School of Law. Students can graduate in 24 months. You`ll have the opportunity to choose between four specialist concentrations that enhance your career, including Financial Services Regulatory Compliance, Health Law and Compliance, Higher Education Law, and Compliance and Legal Operations. With the goal of providing students with an excellent legal education, George Mason University offers the Master of American Law.

This program is fully available online, offering international lawyers a more convenient and flexible way to further their education. The program includes an introduction to U.S. law, the economics of lawyers, professional liability, civil procedure, conflicts of laws, and more. George Mason University has one of the cheapest tuition fees in the country. Washington University in St. Louis is one of the universities that offers an affordable Master of Laws (LL.M.) in American law. This program is 100% online and is specifically designed for international lawyers who want a basic understanding of the U.S. legal system. In this degree program, students can develop their skills to research, write, and communicate like an American lawyer. They can earn this degree without having to move or jeopardize their current job.