Up-and-coming lawyers adhere to the highest values of the profession and represent employers and employees in a rapidly changing legal environment. They represent immigrants and veterans, the wounded and debtors, entrepreneurs and the big corporations that drive our economy. All of the Up & Coming Attorneys Award winners are in their first decade of practice. Part of Evenson`s secret to finding legal talent lies in his experience. She practiced law in Minneapolis for nearly a decade before turning to administration. She uses this experience to reassure students and encourage calls and follow-up questions. Each year, Minnesota Lawyer recognizes a group of new lawyers who have a quick start in their legal careers and the lawyers who work to get the job done. Later in this section, we highlight those who work outside the spotlight in roles as diverse as investigators, paralegals, office managers, and IT professionals. When we return to the face-to-face event, Minnesota Lawyer strives to bring lawyers together to recognize leaders and build business relationships, but we also strive to achieve this in a safe environment. We will continue to follow CDC regulations for all in-person events.

Unsung legal heroes are important to their colleagues, clients and communities. They make lawyers look good in court and offices look good all the time. Unsung heroes work behind the scenes to ensure the work is done efficiently and accurately. It`s time to give credit where credit is due. Unsung heroes have the backs of their lawyers – and everyone is back. They can come from several categories: legal administrative assistant, paralegal or judicial clerk, office administrator or manager, librarian, accounting staff, information technology and marketing. By creating new documents and case studies, Lawson told the story of Acumen, allowing lawyers to better articulate benefits for clients. And publications such as The National Law Journal, The American Lawyer, and New York Law Journal quickly recognized the firm for its innovations in alternative legal services. The unsung hero is also a relatively new team of the St. Lawrence Valley Witness Team. Paul, who can be seen on our cover and who advocates for the protection of victims` rights throughout the criminal justice process, which includes everything from gathering information so that a person may be able to obtain redress, to being that source of comfort and security, to guiding a victim of violent crime into a stressful situation. “Victims appreciate being involved and informed,” says one team member in our profile.

All winners of the Up & Coming Attorney Award are in their first decade of practice. Do you like this article? Access all our great content with a monthly subscription. Start your subscription here. She will lead and lead Barnes & Thornburg Law School programs, as well as office management and strategic planning. Mr. Evenson assumed the role of Director of Programs for the firm`s Faculty of Law five years ago. Since then, she has led the overall coordination and management of the firm`s summer partner and law clerk programs. “Relationships are key,” Lawson said. “It`s about building trust and showing the value of investing an already scarce resource – time – in activities that help generate revenue in a way that often adds value to customers over the long term.” NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, the photos in this section by Sarah Morreim Photography Evenson also work to expand the company`s diversity programs.

Last year, she founded Barnes & Thornburg Prelaw Scholars, a program that supports students preparing to apply to law school by providing financial and administrative assistance. The program, now in its second year, has helped 10 students by paying for LSAT, an LSAT tutoring course, and paying their law school fees. These are just two of the stories you`ll find in the following collection of profiles of those whose work and passion should finally get their justification, as well as those whose talent shines even at the beginning of their careers. His work is inspiring. “We want to give more students from diverse backgrounds the support they need to get to law school,” said Evenson. “In addition to the financial aspects, we offer a legal mentor to help them enter law school and beyond.” “I consider myself lucky to have found a career that is meaningful, challenging and downright fun,” Lawson said.