Use this tool to prepare Michigan divorce application forms. You will visit the LawHelp Interactive website to do so. Once you`ve answered the questions, your completed forms and instructions are ready to print. If you need help with an urgent legal issue related to COVID-19, the Michigan State Bar is new. Read More » If you and your spouse do not have children together, there is a two-month waiting period before your divorce can be finalized. The waiting period begins when you file for divorce, even if you and your spouse have already been separated. If you and your spouse don`t agree on everything, your divorce can take much longer than two months. While your divorce is pending, you and your spouse may decide that you don`t want a divorce. If you have filed a divorce complaint and your spouse has not responded or made a request in the case, you can file a termination form without your spouse`s signature.

If your spouse has already filed a response or request in the matter, you can only file a notice of termination if you and your spouse both sign. Step 6: Have divorce documents delivered to your spouse You can file a separate support application because you have a religious objection to divorce or want to stay married for other reasons. If the judge grants a divorce, you will be asked about your divorce decree. The judge will sign your divorce decree or ask you to make changes to it before signing it. If your spouse wants to participate in the divorce case, they must submit a response to the court and send you a copy in a timely manner. Your deadline is 21 days after receiving your summons and your petition for divorce if these documents were served on you personally. If delivered by mail or outside the state of Michigan, they have 28 days to submit and deliver a response. To divorce in Michigan, at least one spouse must testify that “the conjugal relationship has broken to the point that the objects of the marriage have been destroyed and there is no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.” This means that there has been a serious and permanent marital breakdown.

This means that it is very unlikely that you and your spouse will be able to fix things. If you agree on all the terms of your divorce, you have an uncontested divorce. Just because a divorce isn`t contested doesn`t mean the judge will approve all your agreements. The terms of your divorce should always be reasonable and respect the law. For example, the division of ownership must be equitable. Give all originals and copies to the clerk. The case officer assigns your case a case number and a judge and stamps and signs the summons. The clerk of the court will return copies of any divorce documents that the court does not need. Use this tool to prepare Michigan divorce application forms. Meet in the judge`s courtroom on the scheduled day and time. Dress appropriately. Arrive 10 or 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing time.

Go to the case officer and tell them that you are here for a hearing and that you are representing yourself. Follow the instructions of the case officer and do not interrupt an ongoing hearing. You will be asked a series of questions and your answers will be used to create your divorce forms. If you don`t know the answer to a question, you can leave it blank, but you may need to fill out this information by hand before submitting your court forms. When you`re done, you can print or save your documents. If you use the do-it-yourself divorce tool, you have the forms to guide you through your divorce. Your divorce can be resolved in one of the following ways: You must file the following forms with a county court clerk to start your divorce case: If you are asking for spousal support in your divorce complaint, you will need to make a third copy of each document for the friend of the court. Submit the signed divorce decree to the clerk`s office so that you are considered divorced. Ask the clerk for two copies of the divorce decree (one for your own records and one for your spouse).

Find a self-help centre near you for additional help with court representation. If you divorce, the judge will end your marriage and the legal benefits that come with it. Due to Michigan`s no-fault law, you don`t have to give a reason for the marriage breakdown. You may be referred to a mediator during the waiting period in your case. A mediator is often hired to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on the issues in your case. If you can`t agree, the mediator can make a recommendation. If there has been domestic violence in your marriage, mediation is not recommended.